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How To HireReact Native Developers

How to Hire a React Native Developer? Ultimate Guide

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Are you planning to hire a react native developer or a dedicated offshore React native development team? But don’t know where to start and how to hire the best React Native developers for your business? Read on this ultimate guide blog.

React Native is a dynamic technology to build flexible, budget-friendly cross-platform development solutions. The increasing popularity of React Native technology has surged the need and demand for top React native programmers and experts. If you are also considering hiring React Native developers, this article discusses all the relevant topics:

  • React Native developer Technical and Soft skills
  • Interview Questions to ask
  • Models to hire React Native developers
  • Country-based salaries and hourly rates

Leverage the expertise of top React Native developers to build scalable cross-platform mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms.

What is React Native Development?

React Native is a JavaScript framework for developing native mobile applications for iOS and Android. The JavaScript library combines the best parts of native development with React for building fast, robust, and high-performing mobile apps and user interfaces. React Native allows creating truly native apps by providing a core set of native components like View, Text, and Image for native UI building blocks of each platform. 

React Native creates platform-specific versions of components enabling sharing codes across platforms. It allows developers to create apps faster using the Reactjs library and develop apps for many platforms simultaneously. In addition, react Native apps provide users with the best possible mobile experience. 

So who is a React Native app developer? A JavaScript developer holding expertise in the React Native framework and has experience in developing cross-platform mobile apps. It is rare to find a pure React Native developer. Most developers describe themselves as JavaScript specialists and React Native skills as a secondary point within their skillset.

Why hire a React Native developer?

Once you decide to use React Native to build your app, the next step is to hire a React Native developer or a React native development team. First, let us have a look at some benefits of hiring a React Native developer.

Cost-Efficiency: Building an application using React Native saves you cost and time. The most significant advantage is that it minimizes development time by sharing the codes for iOS and Android. So, you do not need to build apps separately for iOS and Android platforms. Developers can integrate 90% of the native framework to reuse the code. 

The pre-developed components included in the open-source library also help speed up development time. Moreover, you need only one team for both platforms, thus, saves on cost as well. React Native is based on the most popular coding language-JavaScript. Thus, it is easier to find a certified React Native app developer.

Fast refresh: The Fast refresh feature of React Native allows developers to run the app while updating and modifying. The changes made in UI or coding are visible immediately, and the developers need not rebuild the entire app.

Simple UI: React Native uses reactive UI, React JS, and a component-based approach to building the interface. As a result, it reduces the overall load time, making applications faster and responsive. React Native is perfect for building complex and straightforward designs.

Future-proof: Since its release in 2015, React Native got much popularity and became a preferred framework of many developers within a year. The excellent features, JavaScript code, and effortless app development make it a preferred choice. The future of React Native seems bright in the years ahead.

Top Companies Using React Native

After knowing the various benefits of the React Native technology, you might be looking for some examples of success stories with React Native. 

What apps are using React Native? Do you know any companies using React Native to build their mobile apps? What are some of the top apps built with React Native? So, we have curated a list of the most successful companies and apps developed using React Native. 


The startup that aspires to be the super app of Southeast Asia. And yes, Grab is using React Native! First, they used react Native only for the GrabPay Merchant App. But the success of the GrabPay Merchant App gave them the confidence to use React Native to optimize the Grab Passenger App. They have developed a few modules, all written in React Native, like Transaction History and Grabpay Digital Marketplace, and successfully integrated these modules into Grab Passenger App. 

The Grab Engineering team had a few goals before working with React Native.

  • Have reusable code between Android and iOS as well as across various Grab apps like the Driver and Merchant App. 
  • Have a single codebase to minimize the effort needed to modify and maintain their code long term. 
  • Match the performance and standards of existing Grab Apps. 

They were happy with the result with their goals achieved and the best part is that their React Native version has kept the same experience as their Native developed app. So, yes you can build, a performant app with React Native.


The creator of React Native. Facebook open-sourced React Native. Facebook is using React Native in multiple places across multiple apps in the Facebook family. Within the Facebook app, Event dashboard and Marketplace are both using React Native. Facebook initially developed great React Native to support iOS. But later on, they’ve also launched the support for Android that became the foundation of React Native today. 

It was developed to bring all the advantages of web development such as quick iterations and having only one team to develop the whole product to mobile app development. Other than using React Native in the Facebook app, the Facebook Ads Manager and Facebook Analytics app are both built using React Native. Facebook is moving to a unified repository for both platforms and only one common JavaScript code will be necessary.

With React Native, the team was able to ship the apps with a native look and feel built by the same team of JavaScript engineers. 


Well, Instagram is owned by Facebook, but it’s worth mentioning because it’s another well-known app that we use every day.

In early 2016, the mobile engineering team from Instagram started exploring React Native to allow the product team to ship features faster

through code sharing. They were convinced that tools like Live Reloading and Hot Reloading in React Native can help increase the speed of iteration. They started with the simplest component, the push notification setting page.

Originally, the Push Notification Setting page was implemented as WebView, meaning they are rendering a website on that page. Once they were successful with the Push Notification Setting page, they decided to port the existing native Edit Profile to React Native as well. 

Other than these two features, the product teams have also successfully shipped features like Post Promote, SMS Captcha Checkpoint, Comment Moderation, and Lead Gen Ads in React Native. React Native allowed the product team to ship features to both Android and iOS apps. They managed to achieve the percentage of code shared between apps up to 99%. 


In 2017, Microsoft announced the new Skype app is built with react native. Microsoft owns a cross-platform mobile development framework called Xamarin. But shifted to react-native which proves that React Native is an excellent choice for cross-platform development. 

Even Microsoft with their framework decided to invest in React Native. Since then, Microsoft has been using React Native for all of its office 365 mobile apps. They have even extended React Native to support Windows.

Thousands of app are using React Native, from established Fortune 500 companies to startups. You can accomplish a lot with React Native.

Some of the more well-known apps using React Native are-

  • Walmart
  • UberEats
  • Pinterest
  • Bloomberg
  • Tesla
  • Discord

Technical Skills to look for in a React Native Developer

Entrepreneurs on the lookout for React Native developers for hire should consider some technical and soft skills in the developers before hiring. An experienced and vetted React Native developer can add value to your development team. 

Being a leading React Native development company, we hold a best-in-class certified team of React Native developers. We asked them about the technical skills that a React Native developer must provide to give a better understanding.

We have listed the technical skills, experience required, and additional knowledge required for three developer categories: junior, middle, and senior React Native developer. 

Junior React Native developer

Junior React Native developers are professionals with little or no work experience. They may be recent graduates or any developer who recently switched from one language to another. 

Entrepreneurs can hire junior React Native developers at significantly lower rates than a senior professional. They may not have work experience, but the college projects or maybe some internships help developers get a basic idea. A junior react native developer can easily understand the work and offer quality results when trained and mentored. 

You can expect the following skills from a junior-level React Native developer:

  • Can write JavaScript codes(ES6 or later)
  • Have basic knowledge of React Native libraries, components, and APIs.
  • Can work with Redux, a state management tool
  • The ability to navigate within a React Native app
  • Can perform app debugging and testing

Middle React Native developer

A Middle React Native developer should possess over two years of work experience working with several React Native projects. They should be able to work independently, possess problem-solving skills, and take ownership of their work.

Besides handling a whole project, the middle-level React Native developers can also develop innovative solutions for improvements in the development project. 

Here is a list of the skills that a software engineer aspiring to a middle-level React Native developer salary possesses:

  • Can develop mobile-specific features
  • Can optimize app performance and code splitting
  • Experience working with mobile hardware like GPS, camera, gyroscope, and others
  • Can incorporate hardware features into applications.
  • Familiar with and can operate relational and non-relational databases
  • Hands-on experience with data caching processes, and libraries
  • Can integrate third-party services using their APIs
  • Can deploy an app on App Store and Google Play Market

The middle-level React Native engineers at are well-versed with the following advanced React Native technologies and tools: Error Boundaries, Strict Mode, Hooks, Axios, and SSR next.js., Forwarding Refs, HOC, Portals.

Senior React Native developer

A senior react native developer holds over three years of experience working in React native technology. He must hold expert knowledge and understanding of React native frameworks and libraries, be able to take the responsibility to develop and manage the entire project, and take independent decisions and responsibilities. In addition, the senior developers should train junior and middle-class developers and can lead the development team. 

Hire a Senior React Native engineer when you need a person to work on a complex project, lead the development team, and manage the whole development project.

A candidate holding in-depth expertise in JAVA and over three years of experience with React Native makes a good choice. Have a look at other required skills that a Senior React Native software developer should have:

  • Convert iOS and Android apps into React Native. 
  • Knowledge of Objective-C, Swift, JavaScript, and Kotlin
  • Well-versed with Continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD)
  • Lead and mentor development teams and general workflow management
  • Native library and component integration
  • Research-oriented approach, a constant search for innovative solutions

Knowledge of tools and technologies

  • Sentry- real-time monitoring, error tracking, and fixing crashes.
  • Bitrise – increased automation.
  • App Center – to manage testers and beta distribution.
  • React Native Testing Library -complete React Native testing utilities.
  • Redux
  • ESLint
  • Jest

Soft Skills

Soft skills help developers use their hard skills effectively while collaborating with the development team and the clients. A developer with effective technical as well as soft skills makes a specialist developer.

  • Great communication skills

While hiring React Native, developers ask for their hours of work and time zone. Developers should be able to communicate effectively to avoid confusion. Clear and effective communication helps in a better development process. 

  • Problem-solving approach

Look for a developer having experience working in different industries. An experienced developer can find innovative solutions to keep the project going. 

  • Client Feedback

Should take customer feedback and reviews positively. 

  • Team player

A React Native developer should be cooperative with others to get things done and deliver the final product. 

  • Good Time Management

The developer should also possess effective time management skills to finish the projects within strict deadlines. 

  • Adaptability

The developer should be adaptable to learn new skills and languages in demand.

How to hire a React Native developer?

It’s time to hire a react native developer. But what way to choose? You can either hire an in-house developer, a dedicated developer from an offshore react native development company, or a freelancer. 

When to hire an in-house developer?

If you already have an in-house development team and an office with enough space, then hiring an in-house developer is a good choice. 

Suppose your project and budget are big enough to maintain an in-house development team and management expenses. In that case, you can look for expert react native developers on various job portal sites—For example, Linkedin, Indeed, Glassdoor,, etc. 

When to hire a freelancer?

If your project is small and involves only one-time development needs, you can hire freelancers. You can hire a React native freelancer at a low budget at the freelancing websites. For example, Upwork, Toptal, etc. 

The drawback with hiring freelancers is that they do not assure the quality of development. Freelancers may be college pass outs with no experience. They may not deliver projects on time. 

When to Hire a React Native development company?

Hiring a remote React Native developer is the best choice when you have a limited budget but want quality assurance. 

An offshore software development company takes responsibility for the entire project and delivers within deadlines. You can choose and hire world-class dedicated React Native developers from across the world. 

You can search a React Native development team on Clutch, GoodFirms, and other platforms for client feedback and ratings.

What questions to ask during the interview?

You can ask several questions while interviewing a React Native developer. The answers by the developers help you choose the right candidate. 

Hard skills interview questions

  • Explain React Native in simple words. 
  • What are the key advantages of using React Native for mobile development? 
  • How to convert a native iOS app to Android?
  • What is cross-platform application development?
  • Difference between native and hybrid app development?
  • What is a virtual DOM?
  • What happens when you call “setState”? 
  • Please discuss about the difference between state and props? 
  • What is the Redux, Flux, JSX? 
  • Explain the difference between React Native and React.js?

Soft skills interview questions 

  • What are your professional strengths and weaknesses?
  • Describe the most interesting and challenging React Native app development projects you’ve done?
  • How can you, as a React Native app developer, contribute to efficient project management?
  • Have you ever made a wrong professional decision? How did you deal with it? 
  • How do you accept your manager and users feedback?
  • Why do you need a job at our company?

React Native developer rates/ salaries in various countries

You can hire React Native developers from across the globe. Before hiring, you must know the average hourly rates and salaries of React Native developers in different countries. The salaries of React Native developers may vary based on skills, experience, location, etc. 

The table below shows the average salaries of React Native developers:


Rate Per Hour

Entry Level


$61-80 USD
$102,500 USD
$155,000 USD
$18-25 USD
$2100 USD
$16500 USD
$30-77 USD
$45000 USD
$80000 USD
$15-26 USD
$30,000 USD
$48,000 USD

Have a look at the country based salary trends for React Native Developers:

  • Australia – USD 72,816 per annum
  • Spain – USD 51,231 per annum
  • Canada – USD 120,000 per annum
  • United Kingdom – USD 50,000 to USD 80,000 per annum
  • Ukraine – USD 25,000 to USD 30,000 per annum
  • Germany – USD 60,000 to USD 90,000 per annum

Steps to Hire React Native developers

Have a look at the step-by-step process of hiring React Native developers for your business. 

  • Quote your Requirements: To hire a react native developer, you must know the exact requirements of your business project. If you provide the exact needs and requirements, you can hire the perfect react native developer with relevant skills. 
  • Choose from many Resumes: Once you place your developer requirement, you will receive resumes or CVs of many developers. Match the skills with your project needs. Select a few for the final interview. 
  • Conduct Interview: You can ask as many questions related to react native, your development needs, and the candidate’s skills. The relevant answers help you choose the best React Native programmer. 
  • Hire: Once you are done with interviews, sign a contract and hire the perfect React native expert.

How can we help you choose the best React Native Expert?

We outsource the best React native developers and programmers. Our React Native specialists hold years of expertise in developing high-yielding interactive mobile apps for various industries. They are well-versed with React Native libraries, frameworks, and the latest technologies. 

Our React Native developers offer you the following mentioned perks:

  • Agile methodology
  • Flexible engagement models
  • Secure coding 
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Flexible time zone
  • On-time project delivery

Summing Up

The article gives an in-depth explanation of how entrepreneurs can hire the best and top React Native developers. We hope the article helps you find the right developer. Match technical and soft skills of candidates with those mentioned in the article, ask the interview questions and choose the best way to hire a react native developer.

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